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Students To Return Five Days per Week following Winter Break

With the Winter Break approaching, Superintendent Dr. Vickie Murillo has announced that we will be making a change to our schedule when we return to school on January 4th. Based upon a review of current data, recent guidance from Governor Reynolds and the CDC, as well as conversations with the Board of Education and County Health officials, we will return to the Onsite Phase of our Return to Learn Plan on January 4, 2021.  In this phase, all students who are not enrolled in the Virtual Academy will attend school five days per week. Mondays will continue to be early release days for students.

According to Dr. Murillo, at every stage of this pandemic, it has been important to balance the academic and social/emotional needs of our students with health and safety considerations for students and staff members. I have been extremely proud of everyone for stepping up to the plate and making the most of every phase this school year. As parents, you have made sacrifices and worked through the online learning challenges with us. You have also altered your family schedule to accommodate at-home learning days. For that, I am grateful. I hope you will join me in approaching this next phase of our Return to Learn plan with confidence, knowing that everyone in the Council Bluffs Schools is dedicated to ensuring we are successful in meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of our students while maintaining a safe and healthy school environment.

The Return to Learn Plan was designed to guide us as a school community through the appropriate phases of learning based on the current situation. If there would be significant changes in the data, we could remain in the Hybrid phase. School officials will be monitoring the data throughout the break, and will communicate again with all parents on or before December 30th. 

Parents with specific questions about the Onsite Phase of the Return to Learn Plan are encouraged to contact your child’s school principal.