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School Year to Begin in Hybrid Phase

Superintendent Dr. Murillo shared at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday her decision to begin our Council Bluffs Community School District school year in the Hybrid Phase. With fewer students in school on a daily basis, and layers of health and safety measures in place, our goal is to safely reopen our schools and keep them open.  

On Wednesday of this week, Iowa Governor Reynolds and Iowa Department of Education Director Lebo held a press conference that has caused some confusion about whether school districts can utilize a Hybrid learning format. We have received confirmation that we are able to begin in our Hybrid Phase.

As shared previously, the Hybrid Phase meets the CDC guidelines for smaller groups of students in school on a daily basis. About half of all students will be in the schools on either a Tuesday/Thursday and alternating Monday schedule, or a Wednesday/Friday and alternating Monday schedule, based on each student’s last name. If a family has children with different last names that fall into both groups, they will be given a choice.

Student Last Names A-K: attend school in person Tuesdays, Thursdays, every other Monday. 

Student Last Names of L-Z: attend school in person Wednesdays, Fridays, every other Monday. 

The Hybrid Phase Handout summarizes a few more details related to the Hybrid Phase as you and your family prepare for the beginning of the school year on Monday, August 24th. (Preschool students begin on August 27th.) Thank you for taking the time to read the information we send to you.  I encourage you to continue to send any questions you may have to the email address of  This is the most direct way for us to gather and respond to questions. We are aware that questions are being posted on non-school district social media pages, but we are not monitoring them for accuracy and are not posting responses to questions on those sites.  We remain committed to communicating directly and regularly with parents in the days and weeks ahead. 


Dr. V. Murillo