• Council Bluffs Virtual Academy logo The Council Bluffs Community School District Virtual Academy will provide students with access to real-time and on-demand instruction in grades K-12.  All courses will be taught by licensed teachers utilizing the Council Bluffs Community School District’s curriculum and the Iowa Academic Standards. Students will have access to a broad range of both core content and elective courses utilizing the district's Google Classroom course management system and Google Meet for real-time instruction

    All students will be issued a district-owned Chromebook which passes all activity through the district's internet filter. Additionally, in partnership with the Council Bluffs Wi-Fi Consortium, over 80% of residents in Council Bluffs have access to the largest free outdoor open wi-fi connection in the United States. Those residents not in range are provided reduced fee internet access through a partnership with Cox Communications. A weekly flash-drive pick up program is also available for students to access all course content in Google Classroom offline and submission of tasks.

    First Semester Enrollment is now closed. However, please complete
    the form if you would like your child to be included on a wait list to be considered for the Virtual Academy.

    Virtual Orientation & Back to School Night Sessions

    Attend one of the following online sessions:


    Families who live outside of the Council Bluffs Schools may be eligible to participate. Please call 712-328-6423


    • All students, regardless of individual circumstances, deserve access to high-quality instruction provided by a high-qualified teacher.
    • All students will be part of a classroom community, where purposeful interaction and collaboration are integral to the learning process.


    Calendar & Schedule
    Students will follow the Council Bluffs Community School District Academic Calendar and will follow the schedule of their assigned classroom (elementary) or daily schedule as provided by the school counselor (secondary).

    K-12 Classrooms
    All students will access coursework in Google Classroom. A combination of Google Meet to observe “live” instruction and pre-recorded videos will be used to engage students in instruction. All Google Meets will be recorded and posted to Google Classroom for access by students. Teachers will have use of Owl video-conferencing cameras to assist in capturing interaction among students for those attending virtually.

    Special Education Services

    Students will receive specially designed instruction with input from the student’s IEP team appropriate for virtual instruction.

    Additional Academic Supports

    Students eligible for additional academic support (ESL, TAG, Reading Intervention) will be scheduled to receive direct or small-group instruction as scheduled in consultation with the teacher providing the instruction.