• Kindergarten Online Registration

    Welcome, Class of 2033!

    Kindergarten is such an exciting milestone, because it’s just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for your child!

    At the Council Bluffs Community School District, we are committed to building a strong foundation for the rest of your child's education...and the rest of their lives. 

    We know that kindergarten sets the stage for the rest of a child’s academic journey. The earliest school experiences are incredibly important for learning skills like how to make friends, or how to wait in line, and even learning how to learn. Our award-winning teachers are here to build a strong foundation that brings out the best in your child.

    No matter your child's interests, learning level, or their developing personality and goals, we have a path for them. It’s an amazing journey that can include career training, college credit classes, sports, music, the arts, leadership, an International Baccalaureate instruction, and so much more! Every student is important in the Council Bluffs Community School District, and we are proud of the resources we have to individualize your child’s education and encourage his or her personal development.

    At the Council Bluffs Community School District, there are more choices, more opportunities and more ways to succeed!

    The Council Bluffs Community School District is currently accepting online registrations for students who will be attending Kindergarten in the fall of 2020. If you have a child or children that will be attending one of our elementary schools in the fall please click on the link below and complete the online registration.

    Online Registration:

    Kindergarten Registration – Fall 2020

    Registro de Kindergarten para el Otoño 2020


    List of Schools and Boundaries