• Mindfulness Mission Statement:

    Provide opportunities, professional development, and resources for students, staff, and families to learn about and practice mindfulness to improve social and emotional wellness while promoting academic success.

    Mindfulness Goals:  

    1. Maintain a district mindfulness team with representatives from each school to drive monthly themes and district focus.

      1. District team will be trained as mindfulness instructors and lead building teams

    2. Maintain building mindfulness teams lead by the district representatives that provide resources and opportunities for building staff to learn and practice mindfulness themselves or with students

    3. Develop a district mindfulness webpage to house resources for students, staff, and parents

    History of Mindfulness in the Council Bluffs School District:  

    In the spring of 2017, several employees who were passionate about mindfulness, began meeting to discuss the benefits of mindfulness and how it could become a tool for staff, students, and families within the district.  This group, supported by the  Student and Family Services Department, formed a district mindfulness team with representatives from many of the buildings within the district. The district team consulted with leaders within the mindfulness community to chart a path to grow mindfulness within the district.

    Since 2017 the team has participated in book studies, been trained in mindful schools, and has supported a team member to acquire their Mindful School Teacher Certification. This certification allows her to teach mindful school classes to other staff members. The team has also been instrumental in offering Summer Academy, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and CBU opportunities focused on mindfulness.