• Voluntary At Home Learning Center

    Hello, Students and Parents!

    Our wish for all students is that you will continue to practice your skills and to exercise your brain while on this extended break. You are invited to use these links to access the voluntary learning activities. 

    Click on the links below or in the drop-down menu to the left to see the links for Kindergarten students!

    Suggested Daily Routine

    Accessing Lexia Core5 Reading At Home

    Reading Weekly Checklist

    Reading Your Turn Practice Pages

    Math Online Access Instructions

    Math Activity Website

    Math Weekly Checklist

    Math Home Connections Workbook

    Science Weekly Checklist

    Library Media Resources





    General Elementary At Home Learning Resources

    NEW:  Chromebooks Will be Available During the Week of April 20th for all Students in Kindergarten.
    See below for the distribution dates for each school:

    We are pleased to let you know that we have secured Chromebook laptops for each of our students in kindergarten and first grade. As you may know, they use these computers and other tablets at school, but we previously did not have enough to send one home with each student.  Because of this extended school closure, we made it a priority to order more so that teachers and students can connect online and help ensure all students have access to the continuous learning materials online.

    April 20   1:30-4:30 pm

    April 21   1:30-4:30 pm

    April 22   1:30-4:30 pm

    April 23   1:30-4:30 pm

    April 24   1:30-4:30 pm

    Carter Lake 

    Location for Drive Up: Front of the building on Willow Dr.


    Location for Drive Up: bus lane 7th street and parking lot on south side of the building


    Location for Drive Up: SOUTH Parking Lot, parent drive thru lane


    Location for Drive Up: 517 North 17th Street (Front Door)

    College View 

    Location for Drive Up: Front Drive (accessed by Valley View)

    Lewis & Clark

    Location for Drive Up: Front of the building in drive thru lane on Grand Avenue


    Location for Drive Up: Front of the building/main entrance on 6th Ave. 


    Location for Drive Up: Front of building/ main entrance on 3rd Ave


    Location for Drive Up: 3130 Ave C (Front Door)

    Longfellow (

    Location for Drive Up: Bus Lane in front of school 


    Location for Drive Up: Front Door



    If you cannot pick up on this date and time, the Chromebook can be picked up on a later date at the Technology Service Center, 801 S. 16th Street, 9 am-4 pm Monday through Friday.  The Chrombooks will not be available for pick up during the 11 am -1 pm meal distribution at the school.  

    Once you have the Chromebook and are ready to use it to access learning materials and to connect with your child’s teacher, you will need to connect to the internet. All Chromebooks provided by the school district run on a secondary network that is secured and filtered so that your child can see only child-appropriate content.  

    For neighborhoods in the BLink - Bluffs Community WiFi coverage area:  Your school’s attendance area neighborhood has access to the free Wifi called BLink. You will see it as an available network. There is no password required to use this free Wifi. Student Chromebooks will connect automatically to BLink if the network is in range.  Link to map: