• March 2019

    Parents and Guardians,

    Our district has adopted the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP).  OBPP is a school-wide program aimed at promoting school safety and helping students achieve better peer relations.

    One part of the program is having classroom meetings with students. During classroom meetings our staff sit with students and discuss:

    What is bullying (including cyber bullying)?

    Our school’s OBPP anti-bullying rules

    The consequences of bullying

    What students should do if someone is bullying them and/or others

    Additionally, students in grades 3 – 12 will be completing an anonymous questionnaire on bullying. The results of the questionnaire will provide data on the extent of bullying behavior in the schools so that the district can measure the effectiveness of the OBPP program.

    If you would like to preview the survey, you may do so by going to http://www.obqsurvey.org and entering the following:

    Username: eSampleSurvey

    Password: Olweus

    We want to continually work to make our school a place where all students can feel safe and welcome.

    ALHS students will be completing the questionnaire during the week of March 18th.

    Thanks in advance for your support of this program.


    Bridgette Bellows, Principal