Kanesville Lockers/Lunch/Extra-Curricular Participation

  • Lockers

    If a student would like to use a locker, please check with JoAnn (administrative assistant) in the office.  Student must provide his/her own padlock and give a copy of the combination to the office.  Lockers are available on the first and second floors of Kanesville.


    Kanesville provides students with an open campus lunch.  Students are able to leave the school to go home or get a lunch wherever they choose.  Kanesville also provides hot lunch and breakfast each day.  We ask students to eat in the lunch area if they remain on campus.  This helps keep the school clean and safe.  Open campus lunch is a privilege.  Please be respectful and return to school on time for your classes.


    Extra-Curricular Participation

    Kanesville offers several opportunities to be involved beyond the school day.  Please consider joining one of our student activities- Outdoor Adventure Club (Dick)  food and clothing and food pantry (Holly) to name a couple.  All Kanesville students are considered students of their home school as well.  They are encouraged to join any extra-curricular activities (athletics, drama, business clubs, prom, and many more) at Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln.