Kanesville Attendance Policy

  • Kanesville Attendance Procedures

    Students will not be added after Day 2 of the session/hex of the semester.  Students who start after Day 2 will be placed in the transition classroom until a new session/hex semester begins.

    Kanesville Interventions

    3 days unverified- letter sent home/home contact/ possible home visit

    6 days unverified- letter sent home/home contact/ student contact/possible home visit

    8 days unverified- letter sent home/student contact/parent contact/meeting to determine transition placement

    Learning Recovery

    Kanesville offers a learning recovery option for students who have missed too many days of school.  A student could be placed in this program based on poor attendance. Students moved out of the day program will be scheduled to learning recovery to complete coursework for credit.   The classroom is open from 3:00-5:00 Monday through Thursday.  Students completing partial courses to gain credit may do so during this time as well.  Edgenuity learning will be used for course completion and for credit recovery.

    Kanesville students are subject to Council Bluffs District attendance policies.