• Preparing scientifically literate-citizens

    The Council Bluffs Community School District aspires to provide all students with a rigorous academic and laboratory science experience that will prepare them with the knowledge and skills to understand the complex problems of a rapidly changing and technologically sophisticated world.  To accomplish this, Council Bluffs Community Schools is committed to providing students with equitable opportunities to learn science and be engaged in science and engineering practices along with access to quality space, equipment, instructional time and teachers who support and motivate their learning.

    Our courses are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards as described in the Iowa Core and are delivered with an emphasis on student inquiry to understand and design solutions to real-world problems.  Through engagement in authentic lab and field investigations about natural phenomenon in their local environment that connect to students’ interests and past experiences, students learn to think and act like scientists.

Please use the following information to access the K-12 Science Curriculum.

  • To view the current K-5 Science curriculum, click here.  


    To view the current Middle School Science curriculum, click here.


    To view the current High School Science curriculum, click here. 



Degrees and Certifications:

Dylan Wulff, K-5 Science Curriculum Specialist

Phone: 712-396-2317


Degrees and Certifications:

Jessica Rosenberg, 6-12 Science Curriculum Specialist