We know you opened this website with one thing in mind – to get a job.
    Not just any job, but a great job in a great place with great people.
    The Council Bluffs Community School District is all that. And More.


    We have what you’re looking for…
    The right environment, competitive pay and a great place to live!

    Consider these benefits…

    • Emphasis on personal and professional growth
    • Supportive peers and an award-winning new teacher mentoring program
    • Pay that rivals most all districts in the Midwest
    • An extraordinary benefits package
    • Classroom grant opportunities

    All in a large, vibrant Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area providing the perfect backdrop for your life in and out of the classroom. Council Bluffs is a dynamic community experience with a focus on arts, entertainment, recreation and a high quality of life. 





    To see how Council Bluffs is truly UNlike Anywhere Else, check out these sites: Council Bluffs Visitor's Bureau website   City of Council Bluffs website 
    And, see what our neighbors are all about! VisitOmaha.com